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Tips How to Create a Blog Light When Loading

Guest, here becomes the main role, because without visitors, a commercial blog practically meaningless.
Now, how to make your visitors will come back, one of which is easy access to the blog when appearing / loading, in addition to the quality of the content of these blogs.

Usually a few blogs are having trouble loading the blog-themed advertising, learn seo, multimedia.
Another in my opinion, another must in your opinion, so how do you think? agree?
Well, if you agree, to anesthetize visitors to keep it comfortable to visit, try using the following tricks:
# Use widgets if you deem necessary.
For example; Links / blogroll, Tag Cloud, Search, Label, Blog Archive, Stats.
# In logic, on every computer already provide such, a clock, calendar.
Is if the widget clock and the calendar on the blog you are expected by visitors?
# Make content / content of the blog form of text.
# Reduce the use of images, whether or jpg format * * swf or flash excessive though tend to be smaller in size.
# Use the script code that it has important benefits.
For example, Google Analystic, etc..
# Visitors, most prefer a neat blog and not untidy.
Try it, simple and simple theme

The above ways I recommend only for the blog that is socialist and informative, does not apply to personal blogs or hobbies.
Yes hopefully useful and hopefully add new friends: D
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