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Install Alexa Site Info Widget In Blogs

It's not a difficult problem, but because of the many lessons from friends who worry about the blog for a guide how to get the code and how to install the widget info sites from Alexa, while I have spare time, let's discuss together!

The steps to install alexa widget:
1. Visit
2. Click the tab of writing 'for site owners'
3. Select Category 2nd
4. Then select the widgets as you wish, there are three major choices, small and medium.
5. After you make a choice, fill in your blog address, do not forget to include http:// before writing your blog address url
6. Then click the button 'build widgets', and you'll get the html code it.
7. Put code on your blog, can be in the sidebar, the footer where ato is important not alone in the house,lol..
8. Done.

Hopefully this article can be found by a blogger who had difficulty how to put widgets from Alexa site info. : D

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