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Adding / Creating Features Reply On Comments

Creating Features in Blogger Reply from

1. First, determine which blog you want to give Reply feature, if you have more than one blog.
2. Visit
3. Then click 'Install Now'.

4. Select the 'Free', for tutorial only
5. Further papers will appear Select "New JS-Kit account" below to create a new account, telling you to create a new account.
6. If you've managed to create an account, you will be confronted with the word 'No sites you manage, Add Site!' Click on Add Site! these.
7. In the dropdown 'Site's URL you want to restore or add access to:', select the blog you want to give the above mentioned features.
8. Agreement tick / sign the agreement, then click the 'Add / Restore'.
9. Blogspot users, select 'Blogger plugin' then click 'Next'.
10. Then click the 'Grant Access'.
11. Once again select the blog you want to give the reply feature.
12. In the title blank paper 'JS-Kit Comments'.
13. After that you will be given information on his blog that all comments have been successfully imported into
14. Click 'Next' and it says' Congratulations! Xxx All of your comments have been successfully imported from Blogger to JS-Kit. The only thing left to do is to install the JS-Kit widget to your blog. "
15. Click the button labeled Add to Blogger as shown below:

16. If your image is not found try to click on the Install
17. Done.

* if there is a visitor who commented, comments will also be aired in the email such as Facebook.
* In the physical, the script is just a New Element / New Gadgets on the blog, so if you want to restore as all, lived remove these elements.

Hopefully useful.
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